Year of the Goji!

The Chinese New Year, also called Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival, is celebrated in cities around the world for the past several weeks, and culminates this weekend! Parades and festivals honor Chinese traditions, with a focus on Good Fortune, Happiness, and Longevity. At ECO we would like to celebrate by honoring the Goji Berry!

Celebrated for over 2,000 years in traditional Chinese culture, goji berries are a perfect treat to honor longevity and good fortune. The traditional benefits of goji berry included balancing energy, or chi. They were typically used to make tea or tonics, and eaten in porridge or fresh off the vine. ECO Goji berries are certified organic, grown and harvested in the Himalayan plateau of Tibetan region, far from the bustle and pollution of modern Chinese cities.


Goji Fun Facts!

  • One of the highest berries on the ORAC scale, which is used in measuring the level of antioxidants in foods
  • Surprising amount of protein, with 4 grams for every ¼ cup!
  • Contains beta-carotene
  • Contains Vitamin C
  • Goji seeds inside the little fruit contain fiber, with 2 grams for every serving
  • Also a good source of iron
  • Tastes great with chocolate, trail mixes, cereals, and smoothies!
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