Two Great ECO Superfoods for a New You!

Are you looking for a burst of energy during the afternoon, or a simple way to incorporate nutrients into your daily routine? ECO has a wealth of products perfect for renewed energy and health you can use to hit the gym, or just dig out from under all the snow!



Grass Juice Powders, the Superfood Shot

Grass PowderJuice cleanses are one of the most popular quick and easy trends to get back into the groove. While juicing vegetables and fruits can provide a boost of nutrition and energy, it can also be tedious and pricey to replace every meal with fresh juice. When you’re out and about, or just need a break from the same old juices, try some raw, organic Wheatgrass Juice Powder! Concentrated, whole food preserved with the natural vitamins and minerals, this powder simply mixes with an ounce of juice or water to create a powerful revitalizing boost! Also available are Alfalfa Grass Juice Powder, and Barley Grass Juice Powder, each with its own unique combination of vitamins and nutrients for optimal health and vitality.


Maca Powder, Energy Extraordinaire

Maca root has long been used in Peruvian cultures as an energy booster and adaptogen. This superfood will get you up and moving if you’re falling a bit behind on the resolution schedule, or just help boost your energy levels as a caffeine replacement. Don’t reach for that energy drink with its tons of sugar and chemicals! Pop a dash of organic, raw maca powder in your smoothie or tea and enjoy the benefits!   Some studies have reported maca may aid in increased libido, regulation of stress responses, and balance of hormones.

For many more superfoods you can incorporate into your daily routine check out our product pages and store locator!

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