Spotlight on Coconut Palm Sugar

Not all sugars are created equal! In honor of National Sugar Awareness Week (January 16 through January 20, 2017), we would like to call your attention to our Coconut Palm Sugar – a great alternative sweetener to cane sugar, processed sugar or artificial sweeteners.  ECO’s Coconut Palm Sugar has a good nutritional profile for a sugar – it is low-glycemic and contains trace vitamins and minerals. Our 100% pure Coconut Palm Sugar is organic, non-GMO and is sustainably sourced on small family farms in Southeast Asia.

Used for thousands of years throughout South East Asia, coconut palm sweeteners have a long, celebrated tradition in foods and medicines. With an exceptional caramel-like flavor, Coconut Sugar also has one of the highest nutrient contents of any sweetener. It brings a subtle sweetness to all-natural desserts or drinks and adds a bold and exotic flavor to savory dishes. Coconut sugar can be used in most recipes in place of cane sugar in a 1:1 ratio.

Variety of Uses
With a moist, crumbly texture Coconut Palm Sugar has its own exceptional caramel flavor. It brings a subtle sweetness to all-natural desserts or drinks and adds a bold and exotic flavor to savory dishes. Coconut Sugar is truly a remarkable replacement for overly refined and processed sugars. It is perfect for baked goods, including cakes, muffins, cookies, and desserts. It can also be used to sweeten superfood protein bars, raw chocolate, granola, and more! Sauces, stir frys, and dressings also benefit with a touch of coconut palm sugar.

Responsible Sourcing
At Earth Circle Organics we are continually striving to reduce our carbon footprint and act as a steward for the earth wherever possible. Coconut sugar is made by evaporating the nectar of the coconut palm, a highly sustainable resource which is beneficial to the ecosystem. Coconut trees are nearly twice as productive per hectare as sugarcane, and grow in a diverse, wildlife supportive environment. They thrive in severely depleted soil and need very little water, improving local soil structure, plant nutrition, and water conservation over time.

Coconut Palm Sugar is Low Glycemic and contains trace amounts of minerals and nutrients in every scoop. Our product is tested to verify the Low Glycemic Index and ensure it conforms to the average of less than 40. The Glycemic Index is a measurement of the impact of foods on blood sugar. A low GI means Coconut Sugar absorbs slowly into the blood stream, providing sustained energy without a sugar high and subsequent sugar crash as with other sweeteners.

As you become aware of your sugar intake this week, consider giving Coconut Palm Sugar a try – your taste buds and your body will love it!

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