Mesquite Powder

A traditional food of Native Americans, Mesquite Powder is made from collecting the ripened seed pods of the mesquite tree and grinding into a fine powder.

Mesquite Powder has a semi-sweet, molasses-like flavor, and can be sprinkled over ice cream, used in smoothies, or incorporated into baked goods.

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Often referred to as mesquite flour or meal, this powder is can be added to flour blends, incorporated into soups and smoothies, or used for flavoring.

  • Dietary fiber

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Ingredients: Organic Mesquite Powder

With a nutty, almost smoky flavor, similar to molasses, Mesquite Powder mixes well with cacao, maca, vanilla and cinnamon in smoothies, desserts, chocolate and protein bars. Substitute Mesquite Powder for up to 25-50% of wheat flour in recipes, while reducing the amount of required sugar as mesquite adds its own natural sweetness.

Mesquite also provides a compliment to savory dishes, and can be added to soups, stews and sauces.

Our source for Mesquite varies, and can include Argentina and Peru.