Himalayan Pink Salt — Rock

Earth Circle Organics Himalayan Salt is formed in 250 Million-year-old ocean deposits in the pristine Himalayan Mountains. With a beautiful crystalline structure designed by nature, this pink salt can be used as a table salt replacement, incorporated into recipes and included in beauty products.

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Himalayan salt has been used for centuries to preserve and season foods in a variety of cultures. ECO Himalayan Pink Salt contains no additives, preservatives or caking agents. It has a light, salty flavor perfect for creating gourmet dishes in your own home.

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Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan rock salt is great for large scale culinary applications, with whole rock pieces ranging in size from 2-3 inches, and varying natural crystalline shapes. These gourmet salt rocks can enhance the flavor of any dish, and can be grated with specialty tools, or incorporated whole into soups or brines.

ECO Himalayan Salt, sourced from Pakistan, is mined by hand without the use of harmful explosive techniques.