Coconut Palm Syrup

Coconut palm syrup is a low-glycemic, organic sweetener crafted in small artisan batches from coconut flower blossom nectar. After harvesting the nectar is kettle-boiled into rich caramel syrup.

USDA Organic
Fair Choice
Low Glycemic
EU Organic
Non GMO Project

When the coconut tree is tapped it produces a nutrient-rich “sap” exuding from the coconut blossoms.

  • Low glycemic


Ingredients: Organic Coconut Palm Syrup

Coconut syrup brings a subtle sweetness to all-natural desserts or drinks and adds a bold and exotic flavor to savory dishes. Use coconut syrup as you would honey or agave nectar.

Your purchase of ECO coconut palm sugar helps to support organic farms in South East Asia. Our suppliers work directly with farmers to provide fair wages and sustainable development to create better livelihoods for over 10,000 families.