Balinese Cacao Butter Round

Raw cacao butter is produced using a unique cold-process to separate the oil from the powder. Perfect for making amazing chocolate and desserts, as well as for skin-care products.

Available in 250 g. round box and 16 oz. bar.

USDA Organic
EU Organic

Cacao Butter is a hydrating skin care ingredient and a rich raw chocolate base. The unique raw process preserves nutrients and minerals usually lost in conventional processing.

  • Raw and Vegan
  • Zero carbohydrates
  • Zero cholesterol


Ingredients: Organic Raw Cacao Butter

Cacao butter can be used in conjunction with cacao powder and natural sweetener to make chocolate.

Add to bliss balls or nut bases to hold them together.

Can be used in the place of coconut oil and will add a lovely velvety, chocolate flavor.

While cacao butter is edible it is also often used in skin care products.

Our raw cacao is grown and processed by cooperatives in Indonesia. We are committed to supporting the preservation of traditional cacao farmers through the promotion of fair trade and sustainable supply chains. This artisan cacao is a celebration of diversity and pride for these skilled producers and craftsmen.