Olives & Olive Oil

Earth Circle Organics has a variety of olives and a high quality organic extra virgin olive oil. With an assortment of Peruvian Botija olives seasoned with herbs and peppers, and Californian black olives sun dried and cured in olive oil and salt, we have something for every olive aficionado.

Olive Oil

We have one of the highest quality extra virgin olive oils we have tasted, cold-pressed from organic olives grown in Tunisia. In the heart of the Mediterranean, Tunisia has a rich history of olive oil production, dating back hundreds of years. Olives are one of the most nutrient-rich fruits, with complex tree roots delving deep into the soil to absorb natural vitamins and minerals. The Tunisian olives are grown on magnificent, gnarled and ancient trees thriving in the sandy Mediterranean soil.

Our organic extra virgin olive oil is a gourmet product with a delectable light taste. The complex assortment of flavors includes subtle hints of herb with a slightly peppery finish. As this oil is cold-pressed and raw, it retains all of the rich antioxidants and nutrients from the pure organic olives.

California Olives
Tunisian Olive Oil
Peruvian Botija Olives